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VP, Dragonfly Security
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Layer 8 Conference 2020 – Phishy Little Liars – Pretexts That Kill (Alethe Denis)

The ‘IT Guy’ is the Nigerian Prince of Pretexts. As bad actors begin to use more specialized pretexts, so too should Pentesters use more specialized, custom pretexts during assessments. Learn to make custom pretexts that fly under the radar and won’t raise any red flags using target specific data.

BSidesSF 2020 – Phishy Little Liars – Pretexts That Kill (Alethe Denis)

A Break down the anatomy of a solid pretext and learn to build custom pretexts, specific to your target organization and their employees, using specific data uncovered during OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) gathering and recognizance. 

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Just for Fun…

DerbyCon SEVillage Panel – Vishing: Real Vs. Competition, what’s the difference?

Moderator: Chris Hadnagy Panel: Alethe Denis, Whitney Maxwell, Chris Silvers, Shelby Dacko and Colin Hadnagy
Recap of Winning SECTF Calls | SECTF SEVillage Defcon 27 | Alethe Denis and Chris Kirsch